Reviews - Marlys in Heaven

“Marlys in Heaven faithfully examines and dismisses easy answers so often given to those who have been treated brutally, not only by violent offenders but also by the cheap theology of well intentioned friends. This book ought to be read by those who have been harmed by violence, their families, friends, and ministers. It searches souls and will be welcomed by souls that search.”

Professor David Fredrickson
Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota

“This book is a journey through the raw, gutsy, real world of the human experience of agonizing grief. Here are honest questions from sincere souls who are grappling with reality on a journey through the dark and scary tunnel of ‘Why?’ ‘Why not?’ and ‘How?’ This book is about a God who is not threatened by deeply painful, throbbing, sincere questions, and it is about a faith that is deep enough to trust that God.”

Andrea Gambill
Editor, Grief Digest magazine

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