Reviews - Beauty in Partnership

In his new book Jack Munday, a much anticipated feature writer to the newsletter Minnesota Dancing Times, does a great job of bringing the reader into his world of dance. Following his path from tentative dancer to confident performer whisks you away. If you are a dancer yourself, you’ll be transported back to your own experience of falling in love with ballroom dancing. If you are not a dancer you’ll likely want to be. Who wouldn’t want to experience for themselves the joy and happiness that dancing has brought into Jack’s life?

Anne LaTourelle
Editor, USA Dance Minnesota Dancing Times

Beauty in Partnership is a touching love story between Jack and Fran as they grow in their relationship and new-found hobby of ballroom dancing. Jack’s unique and “gentlemanly” approach is heartwarming and delightful as he learns how to dance and the effect of it on his relationship with his lovely wife.

Scott and Amy Anderson
Independent dance instructors, competitors and dance competition organizers

I found the book to have something for everyone: social dancers, competitors, and those performing on formation teams. It took me back to memories of what it was like when I first learned to dance. This book is a good guide for women, to teach them patience with their partners, and is an inspiration to men everywhere to start dancing and to never give up. It is as well a beneficial lesson for dance partners in how to communicate without blame when they encounter difficulties on the dance floor.

Jean Krupa
USA Dance Social Dance Vice President

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