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Beauty In Partnership, John S Munday, book, ballroom dancing, dance

This book follows the path I have traveled, from a spectator at a ballroom dance studio showcase, to one whose wife eventually said, “When you lead me in a dance, I can be the dancer I’ve always wanted to be.” Without Fran’s desire to dance with me, I would not have been on that path. Without her encouragement, I would not have kept seeking to do better on the dance floor.

In my learning to dance, I must thank my instructor, Monica Mohn, whose love for teaching dance kept me on the path. Her insistence on my learning the basics, the core of dancing, gave me the foundation I needed. Harry Benson, and the staff at Cheek To Cheek Studio, have also guided and taught me so much more about dancing than merely where to put my feet. Other instructors and dancers have added to my efforts and I appreciate them. We, Fran and I, have many nice ballroom dancing friends who have affirmed our passion for dance.

Writing this book has been possible with the advice and council of many people. Susan Hamre’s work with early drafts gave me the focus I needed to tell this story. Anne LaTourelle and Greg Moore worked with me as I wrote “gentlemen Lead,” a monthly column for Minnesota Dancing Times, where some of this material first appeared in print. Monica reviewed the descriptions of dancing, giving me special words instead of technical terms. Most important has been the encouragement, reading and editing that Fran has given me. Her patience as I wrote and revised the many drafts has been a comfort. Without her, this book would not have been written.

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