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Marlys in Heaven

A Novel by John S. Munday

When Marlys Ann Wohlenhaus is murdered, she goes to heaven where she meets various people as she faces the question of forgiveness. Why would a young woman forgive the one who murdered her? Would meeting people from the Bible like Cain and Abel influence her choice? Does the philosophy of Aristotle or the faith of St. Paul matter? If the other victims of the same killer forgive him, can she?

Marlys is a real person who was struck down in her home by a serial killer in 1979. The story in this book of what happened to her on earth is factually true. The story of her time in heaven is fiction. No one knows what happens in heaven, so the author has imagined what Marlys experienced after her death.

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Beauty In Partnership,  book, ballroom dancing, dance

Beauty in Partnership: A Memoir of Ballroom Dancing

by John S. Munday

“I found the book to have something for everyone: social dancers, competitors, and those performing on formation teams. It took me back to memories of what it was like when I first learned to dance. This book is a good guide for women, to teach them patience with their partners, and it is an inspiration to men everywhere to start dancing and to never give up. It is as well a beneficial lesson for dance partners in how to communicate without blame when they encounter difficulties on the dance floor.” - Jean Krupa, USA Dance Social Dance Vice President

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